Tulsa Higher Education Survey


Since 2018, seven Tulsa-area higher education institutions, Tulsa Community College, Langston University – Tulsa, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma State University – Tulsa, Rogers State University, University of Oklahoma – Tulsa, and the University of Tulsa have been collaborating to improve the experience of students transferring from Tulsa Community College to a university in the region.



The Presidents of these seven institutions are committed to developing a plan that will make transferring between institutions to complete a four-year degree much simpler and will ensure that credits earned at one institution count at another.  By understanding community views of Tulsa higher education, we can help ensure that any plan aligns with the needs of our community.  This survey is one of several approaches we are using to learn from Tulsans. Please complete this survey and share your own experiences, perceptions, and recommendations to inform our work moving forward.