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Learning and Improving for Transformation

Embedded Coaching for Continuous Learning and Implementation


Learning and Improving for Transformation (LIFT) is an ImpactTulsa coaching service that teaches Continuous Learning and Improvement (CLI) best practices to organizations in an individualized manner that allows them to learn and apply CLI to the real-time problems they are facing.

The coaching process supports the team through detecting a priority problem of practice and using the CLI cycle to perform a root cause analysis that ultimately leads to identifying and testing solutions that help overcome it.

LIFT provides biweekly coaching sessions over the course of 12 months, enabling participants to master CLI tools in a way that allows them to integrate this framework into their organizational culture, as well as bolster team dynamics.

The program includes an initial needs analysis session (that will be focused on the organization’s existing data capacity, quality improvement procedures, overall organizational goals, concerns, strengths, and weaknesses), as well as participation in a series of specialized workshops.

Upon completion of the coaching process, the LIFT team can expect to have made meaningful progress on at least one problem of practice, developed or enhanced a positive data culture within their organization, and have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to integrate CLI as an ongoing component of their organizational culture, as well as use it to ignite systemic change through collaborative action networks.

Focus Areas

Equitable Outcomes
Organizational Improvement
CLI Competency


Participants need to ensure they have a CLI team available to participate in the learning process (biweekly meetings and additional tasks in-between meetings) throughout the entire year. Participants also need to be willing and able to share data (as appropriate) with the ImpactTulsa research team.

CLI teams should include specialists in:

  • Data – someone with access and knowledge of existing organizational data.
  • Direct Service – someone familiar with the daily activities of program implementation.
  • Management – someone who supervises direct staff within the organization.
  • Administration – someone who can explain existing policies and has the authority to change them.

In preparation for the program, ImpactTulsa will plan and facilitate the following training sessions for the organization’s CLI leadership team:


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