Anyone can help – if you care about the education of Tulsa children
and the economic future of our region, you are welcome to join us!

Impact a classroom by donating to a Tulsa-area 

literacy project today and become an ImpactTulsa partner!  


What’s your Impact?


You can be a part of the solution!  We need you to pledge to work collectively as an ImpactTulsa partner to ensure every child within the Tulsa region is:

  • Ready for kindergarten;
  • Successful in school; and
  • Equipped with the tools necessary for a career.

Be Informed


Stay up to date on the progress in Tulsa at Attend conferences and events and learn what the measurable data is showing us about our students and how each of us can help.  Share the ImpactTulsa message. Follow us on Facebook: ImpactTulsa and Twitter @ImpactTulsa

Take the Pledge – Make an Impact!


As a partner of ImpactTulsa, I pledge to work collectively to ensure every child within the Tulsa region is ready for kindergarten, is successful in school and is equipped with the tools necessary for a career.

Be Involved


Collective impact is only possible with individual action. Get involved! Volunteer, mentor, donate and reach out —make a contribution to something bigger than yourself.

ImpactTulsa Partners believe:

  • That every child is capable and deserves the opportunity to succeed;
  • The success of the Tulsa region is dependent on the education and workforce readiness of its citizens;
  • We must work together to increase academic success through each student milestone in the education continuum;
  • That isolated intervention cannot accomplish this goal; and
  • The success of our students is the shared responsibility of all members of our community.

Make an Impact


Communicate about what you are doing and inspire others. Choose to give to projects and programs that have proven to be effective in empowering students and pointing them toward success.