Tulsa-area kindergarteners are more at-risk than their peers nationally.
Early childhood education is key to ensuring our students are ready to start
kindergarten with a strong foundation.  ImpactTulsa is working to improve
access to quality early childhood education programs and
identify strategies to increase kindergarten readiness.


For more information on the EDI Tulsa findings, please visit www.risktoready.org

Kindergarten Readiness


Many kids in the Tulsa-area arrive at kindergarten on the first day not prepared for success.  They are not ready physically, emotionally, and intellectually.


In an effort to grasp early childhood and kindergarten readiness disparities, a pilot conducted in Tulsa using the Early Development Instrument (EDI) showed that “at-risk” kindergarteners varied widely based on their family’s socioeconomic status.  For lower income families, 14%-26% of their kindergarteners were at-risk across racial/ethnic groups compared to higher income families, 3%-8% of their affluent peers.

Enrollment in a quality Pre-K program matters as it reduces students at-risk status by 8%.  The goal of Countdown to Kindergarten is to utilize data to help ensure more kids enter kindergarten ready for success.