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Director of Research and Analytics

The Director of Research and Analytics serves a primary role in advancing the research and analytic needs of ImpactTulsa®. This position reports to Senior Director of Research and Policy. The director in this position will fulfill data management, governance, and research needs for driving & measuring impact and supporting community-wide network efforts for advancing equitable outcomes for children and youth. The individual in this position should have experience in building research and evaluation frameworks, strengthening data capabilities, using research and data analytics for making data-informed decisions that drive collaborative action and policy change.

This position is responsible for the following key roles within the partnership:

  • Develop tools and processes for driving & measuring impact including the development of a research agenda that supports collaborative action and network-wide strategies, identifying research needs and insights to guide decision making and policy change.
  • Drive the development of a robust scorecard, dashboard, & outcomes framework for the purposes of monitoring accountability, measurement, and improving core community-wide outcomes.
  • Create and negotiate data-sharing agreements and manage relationships with network members and partners, to ensure responsible data stewardship.
  • Oversee the management of complex data sets, advanced analytical methodologies, processes for matching and querying data, conducting high-level analysis and preparing results & for a variety of audiences.
  • Proficiently use statistical programming software such as STATA, Python, SPSS, R, SAS (STATA preferred) to create statistical, regression, and econometric models.
  • Guide research and data analysis strategies for using disaggregated data for addressing systemic inequities and opportunity gaps.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and presentation of disaggregated outcomes for avoiding deficit-based framing for populations facing persistent disparity.
  • Lead, attend, and/or present at leadership, research and policy meetings as necessary and provide information on targeted research supporting ImpactTulsa®’s priorities and initiatives through presentations and written reports.
  • Conduct and oversee the analysis and interpretation of quantitative, qualitative, survey methodologies, and other mixed-method approaches using appropriate statistical methods and data manipulation tools.
  • Identify new research grant opportunities, contribute to grant writing including tracking and communicating our impact in grant reports.
  • Provide relevant research-related reports to ImpactTulsa® and school district leadership, collaborative action networks, and key community stakeholders for real-time decision-making, action planning, continuous improvement and policy change.
  • Develop and oversee data management & governance frameworks by overseeing data quality assurance processes and establish data use governance, policies, and implement safeguards for data security and privacy.


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