An unprecedented partnership connecting over 300 organizations impacting 170,000+ students in the Tulsa region.


All students are guaranteed a high-quality education.


ImpactTulsa aligns the community to provide a pathway for all students to thrive.


Be a model of excellence by dramatically improving student achievement outcomes.

Using data as a flashlight, not a hammer

The problem (4)
The “old way” of doing things isn’t working.
We are program rich and system poor.


The Tulsa region is home to nearly 30% of Oklahoma’s population. Throughout our community, teachers, nonprofits, parents and volunteers work hard to improve educational outcomes for our students.  We have made progress over the years, but while Tulsa is home to some of the best education program models and innovative ideas in the country, we have not yet achieved the kind of success that is necessary to support the future of our regional economy.

The solution
Joint accountability and data-driven decision making will collectively move student outcomes.


“Measure What Matters, Identify Effective Practices, Align Resources”

It all starts with using data to inform decision-making in our region that all students have access to the education and community-based resources they need to succeed. As a community, we are moving away from the old way of using arbitrary data as a hammer, and instead finding new ways of working together by using relevant data as a flashlight that guides both resources and investments.  No longer is education just the job of administrators and teachers. It’s a community responsibility and we are ALL accountable.

Get there
We are establishing a new way of working together so all students have access to education.


These challenges signal a need for our community to find new ways to work together to help students succeed.  The unprecedented ImpactTulsa partnership addresses that need.  We are committed to ensuring the community’s collective efforts are aligned toward boosting student success.  When our region agrees on common education outcomes we no longer are a collection of good programs, but instead we become a community with a first class education system that guarantees each student receives a high-quality education.

Coming together, defining goals, taking action together and sharing accountability…We call this collective impact.