About ImpactTulsa

Aligning resources to collectively build a more equitable future for Tulsa-area children.

About Impact Tulsa

Our Mission

ImpactTulsa is a collective impact organization that turns data into systemic change by convening community sectors through the shared vision that all children in Tulsa deserve every opportunity to succeed, from cradle to career.


ImpactTulsa was founded with the dedication of leaders from across sectors, including business, education, faith, nonprofit, civic, and philanthropy, who came together with a strong purpose – that of improving the lives of Tulsa’s youth through accessible, high-quality education.

Since 2014, ImpactTulsa has been on a path to build better student outcomes and alleviate the systemic barriers that prevent every child, young person, and family from realizing their full potential.

Our Values


Eliminating barriers to advance racial equity


Through the community, with the community


Driving evidenced based decision making


Action is the cornerstone of systemic change


Support for partners across the Tulsa area

Strategic Focus Area


ImpactTulsa uses data as a flashlight that helps us recognize disparities and create targeted strategies that support students from cradle to career.


ImpactTulsa identifies the most effective evidence-based decision-making practices and shares them across school districts and organizations through insightful trainings and events.

Shared Community

ImpactTulsa brings community stakeholders together and aligns their resources toward one shared goal of creating better outcomes for students across the Tulsa area.


ImpactTulsa mobilizes the community through collaborative action networks that aim to solve various societal problems by way of strategic dialogue and collective action.

Collective Action Toward Systemic Change

ImpactTulsa believes the most meaningful way to influence systemic change is through data-driven and equitable collective action.

As a collective action organization, ImpactTulsa brings community partners together and facilitates cross-sector dialogue to create a shared vision and discover solutions to societal problems. ImpactTulsa engages 21 school districts, 9 postsecondary institutions, and a variety of non-profit, business, and civic agencies across Tulsa in a continuous exchange of ideas and resources.


The StriveTogether Network

The StriveTogether NetworkWATCH THE VIDEO

StriveTogether is building a world where a child’s potential isn’t dictated by race, ethnicity, zip code
or circumstance.

ImpactTulsa is part of StriveTogether, a national, non-profit network of 67 community partnerships whose mission is to ensure that every child has every chance to succeed, from cradle to career.

ImpactTulsa is guided by the same principles of engaging the community, advancing equity, developing a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and leveraging existing resources to promote the high-quality education of students across the Tulsa area.



The enduring support ImpactTulsa receives from our investors allows us to enact meaningful, systemic change across Tulsa.