Changes to the Oklahoma Academic Standards

Learn more about changes to the Oklahoma academic standards and how they impact our students.

Why did Oklahoma academic standards change?

We want our kids to be great strategic thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators of tomorrow. Oklahoma’s previous standardized tests were not reflecting where our instruction needs to focus in order to prepare our students to compete globally for the upcoming changes in the workforce. Oklahoma teachers and educators set the new standards that give a true “apples-to-apples” comparison of where our children match up with the rest of the nation’s youth.

Why are the test scores different this year?

This year is a complete reset and should not be compared to previous results. Students in grades 3rd through 8th last year took new tests that are fundamentally different from years past. Parents will receive results from the spring 2017 exams in November. The assessments measure more complex standards, and the performance levels were also raised and redefined.

What are the next steps?

Schools have been preparing for these changes and have been working to improve instruction in innovative ways. The new assessments are now aligned with national college entrance exams like the ACT or SAT. Information gained from the assessments allows teachers to identify areas of focus for continued improvements in instruction. Highlighting gaps in learning earlier will allow educators to better prepare our students for high-skilled jobs and innovative careers of the future.

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