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Policy Campaign Funding Opportunity in Partnership with American Heart Association.

Let’s make Tulsa Healthier!

If your 501(c)(3) organization is interested in leading a policy campaign to improve mental health and healthier food options in schools, applications are now being accepted. Applications can be submitted for up to $100,000 for a duration of up 24 months and can support non-lobbying and lobbying activities. Up to three applications will be funded. Applications must focus on changing public policy through official channels, such as an executive order through the Mayor’s Office, passing an ordinance through the Metropolitan Council, or Tulsa Public School District policies.

Important Dates:

All applicants must express interest in applying via the form below and have a preliminary call with Voices for Healthy Kids before August 5, 2022. Based on the discussion on the call, the application may be made available to you.

All applications are due by Thursday, August 18, 2022. This means the sooner you express interest and have your preliminary call, the more time you will have to complete your application.

Notifications of Award/Decline – September 1, 2022

View the Information Session here.

The information session held on July 26, 2022 covered the following topics:

  • Voices for Healthy Kids and Advocacy Impact Pilot overview
  • Policy Campaign Overview
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: 501(c)3 Adherence
  • Application Support

We acknowledge, currently and historically, that organizations led by people of color face more barriers and receive less funding than white led organizations. As breaking down racial and health disparities is key to the Voices for Healthy Kids mission, we are committed to increasing funding to organizations and campaigns that have leadership that is American Indian, Alaska Native, Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino/a, or Asian American.

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Who We Are

ImpactTulsa uses data to drive systemic change through convening community sectors with the shared vision that all children in Tulsa deserve every opportunity to succeed.

We bring together 21 school districts and hundreds of community partners in the overarching mission of improving the lives of Tulsa region youth through accessible, high-quality education.


What We Do

ImpactTulsa partners with school districts and agencies in numerous programs, workshops, and initiatives designed to eliminate systemic barriers to equitable educational opportunities and economic mobility.


ImpactTulsa proudly supports Tulsa-area youth along the cradle to career continuum through dedicated workshops and strategic partnerships.



ImpactTulsa provides comprehensive training programs and workshops to partner institutions to help them uncover the root causes of various inequities and ignite systemic change.


Action Networks

ImpactTulsa brings community partners together within collaborative action networks that aim to solve societal problems through strategic dialogue and collective action.

Impact Tulsa Data & Research
Impact Tulsa Data & Research

Data and Research

ImpactTulsa uses data as a flashlight to showcase bright spots and solve disparities.

Utilizing a strategic data framework for centering racial equity in data collection and reporting processes, ImpactTulsa ensures outcomes are keenly disaggregated and captured through an intersectional lens. Data is elevated to the Tulsa community through annual Community Impact reports and comprehensive data dashboards.