It’s Time for Pre-K!

If your child will be 4 by September 1, it’s time to start school!

The Tulsa area offers some of the best FREE Pre-K programs in the country, and the skills learned here are building blocks for your child’s success in kindergarten and beyond. As the first class in the greater school system, sending your child to Pre-K is the best thing you can do for his or her educational future.

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Why Pre-K?

The class sizes of Pre-K are small so students get lots of individual attention from their teachers.  Learning activities encourage students to be creative and curious and prepare them to be successful in reading, math, science, and the arts.


Young children need both the structure of a group learning experience and the freedom to explore and develop their talents and interests.  A developmentally appropriate Pre-K curriculum provides both.


It is now well known that children are ready to learn in a school setting during their early childhood years. In fact, children who attend Pre-K tend to be more successful than those who don’t.  Pre-K offers experiences to develop competence in language, fine and gross motor, reasoning, and socialization.  It is a great first step in becoming comfortable and successful student.

Don’t let your child fall behind

Skipping Pre-K means your child is less likely to have the skills to do well in kindergarten and beyond. Below are just a few of the things we’ve found from national and local studies of children who did not attend Pre-K. For a full list of sources and additional data, see past ImpactTulsa community impact reports here.

Less likely to be ready to read0

More likely to be left back in grades K-80

Ready to enroll?

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